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Russia – US Nuclear Showdown

I’ve interviewed many important people over the years, but none more important and urgent than Vladimir Kozin an expert in the Russian Presidential Administration on nuclear treaties, the space race, and the imminent threat of a nuclear Armageddon because of the precipitous relations between the United States and Russia.

Every word of this 49 minute interview is important. Russia does feel very threatened by the presence of US-NATO troops, missile defense and nuclear missiles in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia as well as in Europe. Russia feels very threatened by US nuclear capable warships in the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Arctic and by the 24/7 flights of US bombers with nuclear capability flying along Russia’s borders.

Imagine how Americans would feel if Russia had even one nuclear armed base in Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean! Americans would go ballistic. But, when we do it, it’s ok. Americans don’t even know we are doing it.

Please share this widely. None of the other myriad issues that divide us are more important than this Doomsday Wake-up call.



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