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Thirty Seconds To Midnight – A Film Everyone Must See

More urgent and relevant now than at the hight of the Cold War. It is being described as brilliant, chilling, and a film everyone must see.

The journey began when I went to Jeju Island, South Korea in 2012 that resulted in the making of The Ghosts of Jeju. Without any industry support, thanks to so many who shared it, it continues to travel the world, and now it has been translated into seven languages, including Russian, all by volunteers. It was in August of 2012 that I first felt the enormity of American militarism and imperialism. I say felt, because it wasn’t just an intellectual awakening, but a visceral experience. I was overcome with anger at what my country had done on Jeju during 1946-47. It took several years before I could be present at screenings without becoming an emotional wreck.

I began researching the origins of American militarism and killing. It was a journey that took me back to the 15th Century when the white, Europeans first arrived in the Americas and began the massacre of tens of millions of Native Americans. The genocide and the stealing of land and resources continued under the auspices of the United States of America. With the advent of slavery in the newly founded country, the killing and cultural genocide continued. But, the killing did not end there. Since 1798, the United States has militarily invaded more than 500 countries on every continent, and since 1945 has killed more than 20 million people, not to mention more than 80 interventions in sovereign nations with wars, coups, and political assassinations. This vicious assault on humanity and the environment continues today in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and in lesser publicized places.

The provocations of both Russia and China, with bases and missiles surrounding both countries and with thousands of troops directly on Russia’s borders, have humanity on the brink of extinction. In America today anti-Russian and Putinphobia are stirring up hysteria and preparing the country and the world for war. This film traces the trajectory of U.S. militarism and war from the arrival of the illegal occupiers in the 15th Century to the present day. The actions of the political class and their global, elite masters have humanity on the brink of extinction. We are witnessing the epic battle for the survival of humanity.

On the one hand, we have America’s vision of a unipolar world enforced by the strongest and largest military the world has ever known. On the other hand, we have the view of Russia, China, and a host of other nations, that envision a multipolar world based on justice, peace, international law, the sovereignty of nations, and the security and prosperity of all people. Russia and China – economic, political and military allies – will not give in to a unipolar world. Both feel economically and militarily strong enough to resist America’s attempt at world domination and hegemony.

So, here we are. The future of life on the planet hanging on the outcome of this epic struggle.

I will be traveling with the film to various cities around the country and welcome invitations to screen it wherever people are willing to host it.

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