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Thirty Seconds to Midnight – Timely & Prophetic

With America’s Pacific Fleet Chief boldly proclaiming he would launch a nuclear attack on China if #45 ordered it; with more sanctions against Russia, added to dozens of bases and thousands of troops on her borders; with TEPCO about to dump tons of Fukushima nuclear waste into the already dying Pacific; and with overwhelming evidence that we are in the final phase of extinction because humans have been changing the environment for 200,000 years, Thirty Seconds to Midnight – The Final Wake Up Call not only is an urgent film, but one that is prophetic. With each day’s news being more and more troubling from #45’s tweets and blunders to #45 and the criminal class, pretending to be our duly elected representatives, systematically gutting the government and tearing our society apart, people are feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Many admit they are depressed and losing sleep.

I’ve screened Thirty Seconds to Midnight in 25 cities on two cross-country tours and everywhere I go, people ask “what can we do.” My answer has been, “whatever you are doing, do more of it. If you are writing an OP ED, double your efforts using a pseudonym if you have to. If you have been standing on a corner with a sign once a week, do it twice a week or more.” The point is, we have to increase our efforts even though we feel overwhelmed. Giving up and surrendering to the assault on humanity, our freedoms, and Mother Earth is not an option.

I also tell people who see the film to get a copy and share it whenever and wherever they can. If I, or anyone of us, tried to relate the content of the film to people who would listen, their eyes would roll over after two minutes. But, screening the film for family and friends in your living room will keep their attention and guarantee a spirited discussion. Because there are never any royalties or fees for screening the film, it can be screened in libraries, churches, and even theaters..for free to the public. The film is an easy and very effective way to educate and move people to take action.

To date, Thirty Seconds to Midnight has been seen 32,500 times on Youtube with 99% of the comments being positive and thankful. It is being translated into Russian and Japanese by volunteers. I’ve been very encouraged by this and the in-person accolades on both tours. I’m currently planning a third tour from Rhode Island down the East Coast to Miami in September. I’ll try to do another in the Mid-west during October, and next year a tour of Europe from Ireland to Scandinavia and Russia.

Your help is needed more than ever to share this film. Copies are available on line here:   For those in the US who do not wish to purchase on line, please send a check for $25 (includes shipping and handling) made out  to Regis Tremblay, 14 Maine St. #14, Brunswick, Maine 04011. If you already have a copy, purchase one to give away or share.

Finally, I want to thank so many of you who have contributed to the making of this film and The Ghosts of Jeju. I make no money from my filmmaking. Contributions and the purchase of copies make it possible for me to produce and distribute Thirty Seconds to Midnight.

In Peace and Solidarity,


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